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About Providence, RI

The City of Providence in Rhode IslandMost of our crew members are from Providence, RI so we always felt like we owe something to the city where we were born and where we can practise our mobile mechanic profession. We just think that this city is a great place to live and we are also very proud of the local community who make our life here very enjoyable and worthwhile. We noticed that people who are coming here are always having a great time and the city, but also figured out that many people in the USA are not very familiar with the city itself. That is the reason why we have decided to put this article out there so we can spread information about the city to people who have not been here yet and so we get the opportunity to convince them to visit us. Our experience is that this city is very easy to fall in love with so hopefully you will give us a chance after reading the information below. 

Some facts about the city of Providence:

We are the largest city and the capital of the state of Rhode Island in the USA. 

We have been founded as early as 1636. 

Our city is just next to the Providence River.

The estimated population of the city is 179,000. 

The top employer of the city is the Brown University with approximately 4,600 employees. 

We drink the most coffee and eat the most doughnuts per capita in the whole USA.

Some neighborhoods we are from:

East Providence
Federal Hill

Our favorite restaurants in Providence, RI:

Los Andes
The Capital Grille

Our favorite places in Providence:

Waterplace Park
RISD Museum
Children’s Museum

It is no secret that we are very enthusiastic about Providence, and fortunately we experienced that people who are visiting us every year also share this feeling. There are just so many friends and relatives around us who want to visit us every year that it always brings smile to our faces when we hear about that. This is no surprise, because the people here are super friendly and there are just so many things to do and see, no matter what your main free time activity interests are. So if you are considering visiting Providence, RI, we can only encourage you to do that and if you will have any problem with your vehicle during your visit, you can count on Mobile Mechanic Pros that we will take care of it. 


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#1 Mobile Mechanics in Providence, RI

Call Now: (401) 213-9001